Thursday, March 22, 2018

Club IMAGE this Sunday!

IMAGE open this Sunday
March 25th

...... ♥ * Line up for this Sunday*♥.......
1. HANKU Babii"MJ2014"
2. Yougao Destiny "Hello"
3. misse Tigerpaw "Shine"
4. Diawa Bellic"Venus"
5. Sakura"A Butterfly's Dream"
6. fairytale Stoop"青年14歳"☆special guest
■ ☆Team Dance☆ Diawa Bellic "Feeling it Still"
DJ: HANKU Babii☆.。.:*・゜


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Guerilla Burlesque


It’s almost the weekend and we love to kick start it for you with dancing!
March 24th, Guerilla Burlesque (SL)​ presents its Pit Revue show at 10 pm!

We sparkle; we shine with all the glitz and glamour of extraordinary concepts! Hot music and gorgeous dancers all packed into one exciting hour! It's a good night to come see the show; we'll entertain you with amazing stage acts!

Directed by Chrissy Rhiano​, and presented on her beautiful pit theater build, this dance entertainment show will feature intricate acts performed "in the round". We are excited to bring you more of these wonderful performances this week!

Doors open March 23th at 9 pm for the 10 pm show!
Taxi to the show!

Photo by Chryblnd Scribe​
Dancer: Dear Cyndi Dear​ Misfit

TIP: How to disable Caps Lock on a Windows computer...

Okay, another random helpful tip...

Tired of the embarrasment of typing in chat and YOU END UP SHOUTING AT PEOPLE IN ALL CAPS? But you don't want to pry the Caps Lock key out of your keyboard because that's just begging for a spilled diet Coke to leak in and ruin your computer? (Yep. Happened to me last year before an Outsiders show. Took out my laptop's trackpad.)

If you're feeling bold and adventurous, you could always edit the Windows Registry.

There are also downloadable Registry Hacks that can make the change for you.

And then there's the KeyTweak program that can disable the Caps Lock and Insert keys for you.

Keep in mind that you can do a lot of damage if you use any of these incorrectly. Follow the instructions, and don't go spilling any diet Cokes while you're doing this stuff, okay?

Inanna Burlesque

Inanna Burlesque Show
MARCH 25, 2018
12:00 Noon slt

Inanna Burlesque  provides a monthly show of sexy ladies that have intoxicating dance moves that will  ensure an hour  of  entertainment. We show a variety of  well choreographed dance movements  that will keep you enthralled  and wanting more.

Your ride to the show!

XA Dancers Perform @ Atlantis Grand Theater

Sunday, March 25, 2018 at 1:00pm SLT
The X-A Dancers are dancers, choreographers and designers from the Xaara Community in collaboration with The Xaara Gallery of Sensual Art and The Atlantis Grand Theater.  We perform about four shows per year at The Atlantis Grand Theater.

Shows by the X-A Dancers reflect a variety of creative talent in Second Life. Originality, sensuality, intelligence and humor are showcased in every show. We are not your typical burlesque troupe. We are members of a special artistic community with both vanilla and D/s influences. 
Visit Xaara Community HERE to find the best sensual art, literature, poetry, photography and dance in Second Life.

The X-A Dancers perform in a formal setting at the beautiful Atlantis Grand Theater .